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At the moment it is not possible to add own chords, but we are happy to add missing chord types to smartChord if desired. Please send a link where the missing chord is described to

Category: Chords

We decided to build the chord diagrams in the horizontal, as the guitar neck is also in the horizontal. We think it is easier to understand. In smartChord there are a lot of small chord diagrams and fretboard views. And we think it would look strange if the fretboard is shown in the vertical. That’s not a natural view. So we show both in the horizontal.

Category: Chords

Please go to the ‘Choose chord’ screen and change the filter to ‘All’ (funnel button beneath the table header ‘Type’). This will reveal all chord types defined in smartChord.

If you still miss a chord, send a link where the missing chord is described to We’ll add it within one week.

smartChord knows a lot of chord types. Sometimes the overview gets lost. To attain an overview you may use the ‘filter’ functionality to reduce the chord types to the most common or your favorite ones.

By assessing your individual skill-level (basic, intermediate, expert) a corresponding set of settings will be made. E.g. showing all chords and fingerings (expert) or just simple and most common ones (basic).

Please be aware, switching the skill level has an impact on the chord settings, because with a change of the skill level you also change the depending settings, e.g. number and difficulty of displayed chords and fingerings.

Category: Chords

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