Why is the transposed song not changed

When transposing, the original song (-text) is not changed, only the chords are transposed and the transposed chords are displayed. However, a ‘transpose’ directive (e.g. {x_sccrd_tr:2}) is added to the song text. So if you look at song in the editor or the smartChord Online Editor, you will see the song in its original key but with the ‘transpose’ directive. If you open the song with smartChord, it will appear transposed.

But there is a possibility to leave the song in transposed version and save it is it is visible. For a transposed song there is a menu item ‘Transpose -> Keep transposed’. It replaces the original text is by the transposed text.

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Why does the tuner not work?

Sometimes another app is using the microphone and blocks the access to the microphone for other apps. Please close this app or if it is not clear which app blocks the microphone, close them all. If this does not help, reboot your phone.

In rare cases it has to do with the permissions. The ‘audio record’ permission is needed for the tuner. Maybe the permission has been revoked. There is
the possibility to withdraw permissions with Android 6 or higher. Please check: ‘Info’ -> ‘Permissions’ -> ‘Permissions’

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How do I work with the transposer?

Assume, that you have a song in ‘C’ and you need it two semitones higher:

– Move the lower ruler ‘C’ direct under the ‘C’ of the upper ruler

– Move the lower ruler two semitones to the left: Result is ‘D’

– Look at your song and replace the note of every chord by the note of the lower ruler direct below.

– If there is a Fm in your song, replace it by Gm

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Why is the songbook empty?

The songbook is empty because of license issues and the question: which songs should the songbook contain! Everybody would expect different songs. The solution is the internet. There are excellent resources. smartChord finds your songs out there.

Just use ‘Folder’ menu -> ‘New’ -> ‘Internet search’.

You can also google for a tab file collection and import them. Please see also our video for the import: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGM0XnuwtC8

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Why can’t the songbook find the song on a web page?

The internet search for songs does work on most websites. But not all are supported. smartChord can’t detect a song in the following cases:
– a website does not provide songs or lyrics as plain text. PDF files or images are not supported.
– the song text isn’t distinguishable from the other text on that page. But in this case there is a workaround:
— Copy the text from the web page
— Go back to the songbook
— Create a new song
— Edit the song text
— Paste the copied text into the ‘Edit’ screen

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How can I import song files e.g. tabs or chordpro

There is an import functionality in the songbook. By the ‘Folder menu’ -> ‘Open | Manage’ you’ll get to the ‘Memory’ screen. There you can import songs in form of text files. However, not PDF or Word files, just pure text files like .crd, .tab, …. Please see our video on how to import songs:


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