smartChord V6.9

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⭐ Three new scale pattern modes:
◾ 2 notes per string pattern
◾ 3 notes per string pattern
◾ 4 notes per string pattern

⭐ 92 picking patterns for Ukulele (now there are 379 altogether)

✅ New overview screen with all arpeggio patterns for a chord

✅ Songbook: Added DuckDuckGo as an alternative search engine for new songs

✅ ‘PLUS Tuner’ has now the possibility to store unlimited custom tunings

❗❗ Fix: Diatonic chords for the scales where incomplete

✅ Fix: Scale pattern shows fret ‘0’ if needed

✅ Fix: Audio Player stopped working after editing the song text

✅ We relaunched – with a frequently asked questions section

❀ Special thanks to Derek Lichter, Fritz Müller, Kevin Heinze, Octavio Moreno, Paul Lowing, Péter Barna and Simone Sapienza for their contribution to this version.