smartChord V6.10

⭐ Songbook
▫ New color options to beautify your songbook (Background, Chord, Text, Text Chorus, Text Bridge, Text Verse)
▫ ChordPro tag {chorus} shows the chorus block defined by {start_of_chorus} and {end_of_chorus}
▫ Labels of ChordPro tags are now visible: {start_of_chorus: Chorus label}, {start_of_verse: Verse label}, {start_of_bridge: Bridge label}
▫ Chord print fixed
▫ Printed document gets name of the song (Android >= 5.0)
❗ New setting if the chord diagrams shall be part of the printout

⭐ Practice:
▫ Share your exercises with your friends, other musicians or students
▶ There is a video about:

⭐ Set list: Synchronize your set lists with your cloud (Google or DropBox). Use it to synchronize them between your and your band mates devices

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Olav Stüwe and Ralf Fellmer for their contribution to this version.

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