smartChord V6.20

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⭐ Chords: Extended algorithm to show the formula according the music theory

Chord formula according the music theory

✅ Ear training: Mode so that automatically and continuously a new riddle is asked

✅ New chord: dim(7+)

✅ When changing between instruments, the appropriate bass or treble clef is set

✅ Info screen: Link to the smartChord user forum:

✅ Fix: Bug in animation prevented scrolling in Set list and other animated views like tabulature view

✅ Fix: Print whole fretboard for arpeggios

✅ Fix: Songs are printed with chord diagrams again

✅ Many other changes/fixes

❀ Special words of thank go to Howard Brydle for his extremely thorough and comprehensive revision of the English translation

❀ Special thanks also to Enad Guraziu, Jean-Pierre Martin, Jon Åkerlund, Magdalena Haefs, Marc van Westerlaak, Rick Johnson, Rudy Gamberini, Shaun Powell, Walter Tuzi and Youssef Saad for their contribution to this version.