smartChord V6.22

⭐ s.mart Fretboard Trainer released (frets 0-3 in free version)
▫ New quiz type to identify chords
▫ New quiz type to locate chords
▫ Add chords easily from your songs and chord progressions
▫ New statistic type ‘Distribution’ to identify the chords and notes you have to focus on
▫ Share your quizzes with your friends, other musicians or students
▫ Define a visible range beyond the fretboard range to be queried
▫ Most effective training mode realized: ‘Lab by lab’
▫ Option to query just whole notes
▫ Menu item to link your quizzes within the notepad
▫ Synchronize Fretboard Trainer quizzes

✅ Songbook supports new search engines e.g. for the case that your preferred internet site for chords is not listed by the default search engine:

✅ Possibility to overwrite an existing item when saving or renaming

✅ Possibility to define a color for the fret markers

✅ Chord name: Tap on the nut allows to mute a string

✅ Fix: Correct name when importing shared exercises

✅ Other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks also to Andreas Isaksson, Dale Alan Bryant and Kyle Bradley for their contribution to this version.

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