smartChord V7.0

⭐ ‘Table of content’ mode
▫ If activated, the screen ‘Table of content’ is opened before the feature itself. There you can select one of the stored items to open it with the feature. If we take the songbook as an example. With the ‘Table of content’ mode activated, the ‘Table of content’ is shown if you start the songbook. There you can select a song and the Songbook is started and shows the song. If you go ‘Back’ from the songbook, the ‘Table of content’ is shown again.
▫ With the ‘Table of content’ mode deactivated, the songbook is started immediately with the last song. To open the ‘Table of content’, you have to use the menu item ‘Open | Manage’ from the ‘Folder’ menu.
▫ The mode is affecting:
◾ Chord progression
◾ Fretboard Trainer
◾ Metronome
◾ Notes
◾ Pattern
◾ Playground
◾ Practice
◾ Set list
◾ Songbook
◾ Tone generator

⭐ Drag’n’drop support for more convenience
▫ Reorganize and reorder the home screen (menu ‘Reorder’)
▫ Set list
▫ Notepad
▫ Scale favorites

✅ Auto save option to store items like songs or notes automatically when leaving the corresponding screen

✅ We could enhance the YouTube quota. Everybody can now use the YouTube search for videos to embed them into songs

✅ Showcase for the most important functions and GUI concepts

✅ Tooltips for most of the buttons (long press on the button)

✅ Set list: Start songs by double click

✅ Welcome wizard

✅ First optimizations for Chromebook

✅ Fix: Songbook A-B repeat and changed playback speed

✅ A lot of other changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alistair George, Francisco José Vela, Matt Faris, Paul Schoonderwoerd and Tarun Mudgal for their contribution to this version.

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