smartChord V7.6

⭐⭐⭐ Drum machine ⭐⭐⭐
▫ Use up to 16 percussion instruments in parallel to create your drum patterns
▫ Use them for the musical accompaniment for your songs
▫ Use the Drum machine as rhythm trainer
▫ Choose between more than 40 percussion instruments
▫ Share your drum patterns with your friends, other musicians or students
▫ Sync your drum patterns between your devices
▫ Use the speed trainer to increase your speed
▫ Use the timer to control your practice time

✅ Piano:
▫ Optimized multi touch handling
▫ Option to move the visible range by octaves or single keys
▫ Option to show just active note names
▫ Option to highlight ‘C4’
▫ One additional key in each key range to play the complete octave even on the smallest range

✅ Notepad editor:
▫ Menu item added to insert a link to a saved drum pattern
▫ Button to pause the spoken note

✅ Fixed: Some links where not clickable anymore e.g. in the Notepad

✅ Lot of other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andre Messerschmidt, Bernhard Kumpf, Leonardo Frassetto, Sandeep Kowdley, Steven Vargas, Tobias Schulte and Victor Osaka for their contribution to this version.

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