smartChord V7.16

⭐⭐⭐ Songbook with support to simplify chords ⭐⭐⭐
▫ New screen ‘Simplify chords’ shows the chords of a song and their simplified chords
▫ Complex chords do have multiple possible simplifications
▫ Simplification level can be selected individually for each chord
▫ Pre-selected are the simplest chords or your favorite chords (according to settings)
▫ Simplification can be made undone by calling the menu item ‘Simplify chords’ again

✅ Gesture support:
▫ Home screen:
◾ Swipe left: Open last screen
◾ Swipe right: Open ‘Navigation menu’
◾ Swipe up: Open ‘Add tools’ screen
◾ Swipe down: Open ‘Settings’
▫ Table of contents:
◾ Swipe right: Back
◾ Swipe left: Open selected item
▫ Notepad:
◾ Swipe right: Back
◾ Swipe left: Delete selected item
▫ Arpeggio and Scale fretboard:
◾ Swipe right: Previous pattern or back if not in ‘Pattern’ mode
◾ Swipe left: Next pattern
◾ Swipe down: Open ‘Settings’
▫ Other screens without scrolling elements do have gesture support for ‘Back’ and/or ‘Settings’

✅ New chord types and fixed ‘-‘ chord

✅ Fix: Metronome was shown too narrow in the songbook

✅ Lot of minor changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Gian Müller, Glenn Homes, Hotte Schmiegelt, Hubert Egger, Jan Hovancik, Matthew Heinly, Philibob, Ramon Haack, Roland Schippmann and Stefano Tranchini for their contribution to this version

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