smartChord V7.19

⭐⭐⭐ ‘Chord name’ is now complete (aka reverse chord finder) ⭐⭐⭐
▫ Get the chord name for every possible voicing, every tuning and every instrument
▫ Shows intervals beside the notes
❗ New sort order: no distinction between the normal, inverse, rootless, slash and incomplete chords
❗ Initially, the strings are muted now
▫ Add a chord type to the favorites
▫ Add a fingering to the fingering favorites
▫ Add a chord to the chord progression
▫ Add a chord to the playground
▫ Create a custom chord if you prefer a different name
▫ Request a chord, if a chord type is missing

✅ ‘Choose chord’ screen: Key of scale is changeable without the need to switch to the scale screen

✅ Other changes and fixes

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smartChord V7.18

❗❗ We had to switch to a new Google Play Billing Library version
▫ Please contact us if you have trouble accessing your paid features:

❗❗ Major bug fix: Simplify chords sometimes showed a blank screen

⭐ Songbook supports local videos
▫ Embedded video player to play your videos
▫ Well integrated with the other players (Drum Machine, Metronome, Audio- and YouTube-player)
▫ Comfortable search to find the videos for your songs on your device
▫ Duration of a song is automatically set by the duration of a video
▫ New directive to link the video file {x_sccrd_vf:}

⭐ Drum machine:
▫ 508 drum patterns: You shared your drum patterns with us. We have collected them and made them available for download

✅ Handlebar to customize the size of the video- and YouTube-player
▫ Setting to hide the handlebar to save space on a small smartphone screen

✅ Notepad: Share a single note or recording

✅ Metronome: New time signatures for 10/8

✅ Option to enter the shared link directly in smartChord. Please see

✅ Songbook: Improved logic to select the player for a song (Drum Machine, Metronome, Audio-, Video- and YouTube-player)

✅ Songbook workaround: Ultimate-Guitar provides sometimes incomplete songs

✅ Songbook fix: Uses search engine from settings again

✅ Timer fix: Plays sound again when timer was in background

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andy Hayloft, Ernie Cacciaglia, Fernando Nahuel Angélico, François Amaral, Glenn Homes, Harry Fehlemann, Henning Otte, Knut Beese, Leopold Müller and Sean Hartigan for their contribution to this version

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