smartChord V8.2

⭐ Songbook enhancements:

▫ Video player
◾ ‘A-B repeat’ to practice a special section in a loop
◾ Accelerate or slow down the playback speed and practice at a slower tempo. It affects the video play speed as well as the scroll speed
◾ Changed size of the player is restored

▫ Scale factor:
◾ To change the default text size
◾ Lets you share songs between devices with different sized displays without having to adjust the text size with the pinch gesture in each case

▫ ‘Add song to set list’ lets you specify to which set list the song is added
▫ Open attached songs in emails directly in the Songbook
▫ Internet search: Use voice recognition to enter the artist/song
▫ Player is automatically visible, if audio, drum pattern, video or Youtube video changes
▫ Easier adjustment of slow manual scroll speed
▫ Scroll break directive ({x_sccrd_sbr}) can now be used in manual scroll mode

✅ Table of contents: Use voice recognition to enter the search term

✅ Chord dictionary: improved integration into ‘Choose chord’ screen

❗❗ Set list behavior change: Metronome isn’t an automatically selected player anymore

? Drum machine: Crashed with active timer in background mode
? Scale fix: Open diatonic chords from scales screen
? Timer fix: Active timer opened practice screen instead of drum machine or chord progression

✔ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Christian Jaydn, Christophe Doveil, David Naylor, Emilio Polog, Henk Oostrom, Mario Guggenberger and Zach V. Simmons for their contribution to this version

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