smartChord V8.9

⭐ Migration to Android 11 is now complete
❗ PLEASE CHECK your set lists for errors ❗❗
▫ Permission to access the storage can now be withdrawn (Android 4.4 or newer)
▫ Android 11 has a focus on privacy improvements and protecting user data
▫ smartChord meets Androids 11 API level requirements
▫ For more information please see:

✅ Create or edit an existing note in the notepad with a link to your item from each ‘Folder’ menu. Use it for instance to document your ideas about certain items.
▫ Chord progression
▫ Fretboard Trainer
▫ Metronome
▫ Pattern
▫ Playground
▫ Practice
▫ Set list
▫ Songbook
▫ Tone generator

✅ Set list:
▫ Share songs, images and PDF files directly from the set list
▫ Adding PDF and image files using the system PDF and image picker

? Set list: Search panel hides list

✔ A lot of other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Anke Kellermann, Carsten Bleisch, Hotte Schmiegelt, Jens Martin, Mario Ravlić, Rainer Schediwak and Stefano Tranchini for their contribution to this version

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