smartChord V8.11

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⭐ History is filterable to speed up access to the entries like songs

✅ Songbook: MIDI support extended
▫ Control a MIDI device within the song text
▫ New directive to add MIDI commands which are sent to a MIDI receiver: {x_sccrd_midi:<midiCommand1>, <midiCommand2>, …}
▫ The directive appears as grey ‘MIDI’ line in the song
▫ The commands are automatically sent to a MIDI receiver when
◾ the scroller passes the ‘MIDI’ line
◾ the user taps on the ‘MIDI’ line
▫ Documentation:

✅ Songbook: Scroll breaks are recognizable as such and show the duration of the breaks in seconds

✅ Possibility to change the folder for import and search when ‘Read storage’ permission is granted

? Online song editor, importer, viewer: HTTPS support completed

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Angela Müller, Armin Schmitt, Jean-Pierre Martin, Jens Martin, Jörg Dengler, Stefan Balaz and Uwe Fischbach for their contribution to this version