smartChord V8.13

⭐ Fingering explorer to find the best fingerings for your needs
▫ Change the relevant chord settings and get the fingerings immediately in the gallery
▫ Define your fingering favorites, so they are always visible, independent from the chord settings
▫ Apply the new chord setting changes or discard them at the end of your exploration

✅ Songbook:
▫ Fingering explorer is used to replacing a fingering
▫ New directives to embed links to images and PDF files
▫ Songbook editor supports these new directives. Image and PDF pickers are used to add them

✅ Technical release with graphical improvements like better support for large fonts

✔ Fix: Chord name UI refresh after instrument change

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Bob Crowder, Kalle Mackel and Olav Stüwe for their contribution to this version

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