smartChord V8.14

⭐ Simplify chords
▫ Choose chord: Possibility to simplify chords
▫ Normally a simplified chord is easier to play but less colorful and interesting

⭐ Songbook: Optimized transpose functionality immediately shows the changes in the song

✔ Chord chart galleries are resizable

✔ ‘Black bright’ and ‘Black dark’ theme

✔ Dialogs are movable by dragging the title bar

✔ Songbook: Support for ‘N.C.’ (abbreviation for ‘no chord’)

✔ Transposer with color scheme support

✔ Scale and arpeggio fretboard: Allows portrait mode also on medium-sized devices
✔ A tap on the name of a stored item (song, set list, quiz, …) opens the ‘Table of contents’
✔ Long press on a chord in the chord chart gallery opens a menu to show the chord in the Fretboard Explorer
✔ Charango tunings: Charango Hatun (six course and seven course)
✔ New color scheme
✔ Other improvements and fixes
❀ Special thanks to Alois Gillhofer, Benno Schoppel, Dmitry Prokopenko, Paco del Mar, Philibob Gossimer and Vittorio Bernardini for their contribution to this version

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