smartChord V9.4.1

βœ” Scale fretboard screen: The fretboard range can be changed if none of the ‘Pattern’ modes is selected

🐞 Songbook: The ‘Printout’ color scheme is used again for printing

🐞 Missing E in C Dominant 7th scale

🐞 With some themes, the text of slide switches was hardly or not at all readable

βœ” Other minor fixes

❀ Special thanks to Christ Deva, Harry V. Boggan, Henk Oostrom, Paji Can, Paul Schoonderwoerd and Scott Noroozi for their contribution to this version

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smartChord V9.4

⭐ Songbook:
β–« Predefined color variants for the blocks (‘Verse’, ‘Chorus’,…)
β–« Preview screen for the color variants
β–« 21 predefined color variants for the dark mode
β–« 20 predefined color variants for the light mode
β–« 2 predefined color variants for the printout
β–Ά Our video shows how to make your songs more beautiful and clearer:

βœ” Scale Name and Key Identifier:
β–« Option to show also the scales/keys which are not complete

βœ” Song analyzer:
β–« Ability to enter a song text or edit it in the text editor
β–« Option to paste the song text from the clipboard
β–« New plugin app released:

βœ” Chord: Now you can also enter “add” and “dim” chords in the text field

🐞 Create or edit an existing note in the notepad with a link to your item from each ‘Folder’ menu. Use it for instance to document your ideas about certain items.
β–« Chord progression
β–« Fretboard Trainer
β–« Metronome
β–« Pattern
β–« Playground
β–« Practice
β–« Set list
β–« Songbook
β–« Tone generator
🐞 Chord progression: Adding a special fingering was not possible under certain conditions
🐞 Songbook: Marking text did not work on some Android versions

βœ” A lot of other improvements and fixes

β–Ά You can reach us on YouTube via the new YouTube alias @smartChord:

❀ Special thanks to Charles Boehnlein, John Glass, Jod R. Leio, Lena SchΓΌtten, Roan Vandermeer and Tiemo Norman for their contribution to this version

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