smartChord V9.8

✔ Custom color scheme:
▫ You can create your own color scheme
▫ Define the color for each degree or note. The color of the text can also be adjusted
▫ Whether the color is bound to the degree or the note is determined by the general appearance setting ‘Color scheme binding’
▫ The color scheme is used in:
◾ Chord diagrams
◾ Circle of fifths
◾ Fretboard representations
◾ Piano
◾ Scale-circle

✔ Predefined color schemes:
▫ 10 new color schemes
▫ Some text colors have been changed for more contrast

✔ Scale-circle: Option to limit the scales to the church modes

? Problems in lookup audio files on Android 13

? Support for MIDI devices that do not meet the specification

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Guy Togbenou, Jesper Clausen, Konstantin Paus, Lari Natri, Mat Botica, Mike Marshall and Roy Young, Sergio Tamburini for their contribution to this version

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