smartChord V10.16

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⭐ Songbook: song search improved

Optimized song detection

Bookmarks for your inspiration
▫ Predefined list of song pages with the top-rated songs and artists
▫ Screen to maintain your own bookmarks with your favorite song pages

◾ Progress bar shows when song recognition is complete

◾ ‘Reload’ button, in case the song recognition does not work the first time

◾ Quick switch to search for ‘Chords’ or ‘TAB’ (tablature)

✔ Documentation:

◾ List of recently created or modified articles so you can stay up-to-date

Getting started with the Songbook

Songbook for singers

🐞 Songbook: Workaround for Android before 6.0

🐞 Table of Contents: Wrong filter preset

✔ Minor improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alberto Torres Gutiérrez, François Amaral, Harry Fehlemann, Jonathan Olson and Keith Layton for their contribution to this version