smartChord V11.5

⭐ Set List PDF viewer:
◾ We have significantly improved the display of PDF files. The new version also fully supports multi-page PDF files.
◾ ❗ Unfortunately, the zoom factor of the new version is not compatible with the old version.
◾ ❗ If you have zoomed PDF files, they will no longer be displayed identically with the new version and you will have to correct the zoom factor in each case.
◾ ❗ We will support both versions for a transitional period and you can switch between them in the settings

⭐ Set List supports the online song viewer:
◾ Sing with your audience and show them the song or just the lyrics in any browser
◾ Present the songs of the Set List in any browser at (e.g. the one of your smart TV)
◾ Shows automatically the current song
◾ Different themes for daylight or in the dark pub
◾ Optimized text size by one to four columns

⭐ Set List supports automatic lookup for audio files if their location has been changed

🐞 Chords: Enter ‘aug’ chords

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Blaise Ardouin, Frank Dreibrodt, Josh Bezaire, Manuel Almonacid and Raz Kandel for their contribution to this version

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