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Create a set list

Use the Folder menu to create a new set list.

Use the menu (vertical ellipsis) to add information like name, location, date or notes to the set list.

Use the Add button (+) to include one of the following entries:

  • Songs from your songbook. Please note, that the songs are not included but just referenced and identified by their name. If you change the name of a song, the song will no longer be found in the set list.
  • Images and PDF files from your device. The images and PDF can be longer than one page. They are scrollable either manually or with a Bluetooth or MIDI device.
  • Breaks have a duration like the songs and may contain a note. Maybe a speech to the audience with organizational details
  • Notes can be used to make a joke or address the audience, or to indicate a change of instrument, tuning adjustments, equipment requirements, or other specific details. Notes do not have a duration.

The Info button (i) can be activated to show information like duration, tempo, time signature and key of a song. This information can be very useful to plan the order of the songs. Please note, that this information are only displayed if they are also maintained in the song. You can add and edit this information also for images and PDFs. A break does only have a duration. Use the edit button or click directly on the information. If no information is maintained, You’ll see a dash (-) which you can click on.

The Edit button opens a context menu. It’s contents depend on the selected item.

  • For every entry type, it offers the possibility to
    • Reorder the list of entries
    • Add/edit a note for the entry
  • For Songs, it allows to edit the song in the Songbook
  • For PDFs and images, it allows you to set the duration, tempo, time signature, tuning or key. It also allows to open an editor app for the PDF or image
  • For Breaks, it allows you to set the duration of the break or to edit the name of the break
  • For Notes, it allows editing the note

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