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The new ‘Song Writer’ makes it uniquely easy to write and arrange songs. The Song Writer helps you to find the chords that sound good together and write lyrics with the right words.

It is the best example of how the various smartChord tools work together:

  • The ultimate chord library provides the chords and fingerings for any instrument
  • The scale tools offer with several hundred scales an almost inexhaustible fund of inspiration and show which chords harmonize best
  • The circle of fifths presents the different keys and their corresponding chords in a familiar and reliable way
  • The scale-circle transforms the concept of the circle of fifths to several hundred other scales
  • The song analyzer analyzes and provides the chord progressions of any song
  • The key finder provides the key and any deviating chords
  • The lyrics pad with its word finder helps to find the right words
  • The piano and/or fretboard provides melodies, basslines or solos
  • The songbook and the set-list keep the songs ready for use on stage or in the rehearsal room
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