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Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us at info@smartChord.de for assistance. We welcome your questions and feedback.


Create a custom chord with an alternative name in the ‘Choose chord’ screen and place your new chord type wherever you need the different fingering

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There are multiple possibilities. The two easiest ways are:

1. Use the s.mart Songbook Online Editor. There is a online edit mode, which allows you to edit your song comfortable in the browser of your computer. For more information see: http://www.smartchord.de/song/edit

2. Synchronize your songs with your cloud. During synchronization, the songs are stored as text files in your cloud. From your PC, you can access and edit these files in the cloud. With the next synchronization, the changes are imported into the songbook.

The songbook can handle plain text files like .TAB, .TXT or .PRO files. If you want to use PDF files, please use the ‘Set list’ feature. There you can add your songs from the songbook, images and PDFs files.

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There is an import functionality in the songbook. By the ‘Folder menu’ -> ‘Open | Manage’ you’ll get to the ‘Table of Content’ screen. There you can import songs in form of text files or songtext via the browser on your PC. However, not PDF or Word files, just pure text files like .crd, .tab, …. Please see our video on how to import songs:


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The internet search for songs does work on most websites. But not all are supported. smartChord can’t detect a song in the following cases:
– a website does not provide songs or lyrics as plain text. PDF files or images are not supported.
– the song text isn’t distinguishable from the other text on that page. But in this case there is a workaround:
— Copy the text from the web page
— Go back to the songbook
— Create a new song
— Edit the song text
— Paste the copied text into the ‘Edit’ screen

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You can use the ‘Set list’ to organize your songs and lyrics for performance or practice. Please see our video on YouTube:

The ‘Table of content’ has a full text search function. You can search für every information in the songs. The most comfortable way to maintain these information is by the menu ‘…’ -> ‘Edit’ -> ‘Edit song information’ in the Songbook.

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It’s possible to synchronize your songs with your cloud (Google or DropBox). It allows to synchronize the songs between multiple Android devices or edit the songs text files conveniently from your desktop or notebook.

There are at least four ways to exchange songs between devices:

1. You can synchronize the content of smartChord between your devices. There is a menu item ‘Synchronize’ on the home screen. This is the most comfortable way.

2. You can synchronize your songs with your cloud (Google or DropBox). It allows to synchronize the songs between multiple Android devices. You can also take advantage of the possibility to edit the songs (these are just plain text files) conveniently on your desktop or notebook.

3. You can export your songs to single files. You can optionally edit these files and import them again on the same or another device.

4. You can share single songs or even multiple songs at once. This is possible in the songbook ‘Table of content’. There is a ‘Share’ button.

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You can use the s.mart Songbook Online Viewer. This is the tool to sing with your audience and show them the lyrics. For more information see: http://www.smartchord.de/song

smartChord allows individualized tone names and symbols. You can define your personal preferences in the general settings. These settings affect all of the smartChord features.

The chord diagrams shows the notes according the settings. But you can change the setting “Diagram info” to ‘Theory’ so the notes are displayed according the musical theory.

The songbook shows the chord names according your ‘Name settings’ in ‘Tone names’ and ‘Symbol’ settings. The intention is go see always the same chord names independent to the source of your song texts. So you’ll always get a C#, even if the original chord of the song is written as Db. But there is a songbook option to force the songbook to show the original chords. But keep in mind, that with this option activated, the transposing is deactivated!

There is also an interesting setting for the chord diagram info in the instruments ‘Chords’ settings. It allows to switch between the tone symbols, you have chosen in the general settings or the tone names according to the music theory.

When option ‘Show original chord names’ is activated, transposing is disabled

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When transposing, the original song (-text) is not changed, only the chords are transposed and the transposed chords are displayed. However, a ‘transpose’ directive (e.g. {x_sccrd_tr:2}) is added to the song text. So if you look at song in the editor or the smartChord Online Editor, you will see the song in its original key but with the ‘transpose’ directive. If you open the song with smartChord, it will appear transposed.

But there is a possibility to leave the song in transposed version and save it as it is visible. For a transposed song there is a menu item ‘Transpose -> Keep transposed’. It replaces the original text by the transposed text.

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HTTP isn’t state of the art. We’ll switch to HTTPS in the future. But for the case it is foreseen, it is secure enough as the data is transferred completely within you local network. You can even turn the internet off. Thanks again!

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The songbook is empty because of license issues and the question: which songs should the songbook contain! Everybody would expect different songs. The solution is the internet. There are excellent resources. smartChord finds your songs out there.

Just use ‘Folder’ menu -> ‘New’ -> ‘Internet search’.

You can also google for a tab file collection and import them. Please see also our video for the import: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGM0XnuwtC8

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