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Can songs be edited on the PC?  


Heidi from smartChord
 Heidi from smartChord
(@Heidi from smartChord)
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08/02/2020 9:27 am  

There are multiple possibilities. The two easiest ways are:

1. Use the s.mart Songbook Online Editor. There is a online edit mode, which allows you to edit your song comfortable in the browser of your computer. For more information see:

2. Synchronize your songs with your cloud. During synchronization, the songs are stored as text files in your cloud. From your PC, you can access and edit these files in the cloud. With the next synchronization, the changes are imported into the songbook.

Paul J Del Monaco
 Paul J Del Monaco
(@Paul J Del Monaco)
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11/05/2020 6:31 am  

How does one turn the edit mode on and off?

Error says Edit mode off.

Member Admin
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11/05/2020 8:25 am  

Please use the menu item 'Edit -> Online' to activate the mode.


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