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23/04/2020 2:32 am  

Until I discovered SmartChord, my primary songbook was Ultimate Guitar Pro.   I created a library of UG tabs (crd format) in my UG account.  I know how to find tabs for these songs through internet search. This works fine but is very much a "copy and paste" exercise.  It would be nice to access the tabs in my account.  Is this possible or just wishful thinking on my part?  Unfortunately, UG only allows batch export of tabs that I have created and not others in my library.  If you know a workaround, that would be of interest too.    

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23/04/2020 7:47 am  

There is no possibility to access the songs in a UG account. Sorry. Please ask them for an extended export. This would be much easier. But maybe they are not allow.


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