Introducing the s.mart Song Writer – an amazing new app designed for musicians, singers, and songwriters. This app makes it incredibly easy to write and arrange songs.

With the Song Writer, finding chords that sound good together is a breeze. It helps you write lyrics with the perfect words to match the melody.

The app features a circle of fifths and scale-circle that provide access to hundreds of scales and related chords. You can choose from all the diatonic chords that harmonize with your song, or you can analyze the chord progressions of other songs for even more inspiration.

To help you write lyrics, the Song Writer comes with a convenient editor that includes a word finder. This editor features rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, and words with specific meanings, beginnings, or endings.

The app also includes a player that can play the chords of your song or allow you to experiment with different chord progressions. You can even play melodies, basslines, or solos on the piano.

Finally, every song you create can easily be added to your songbook or setlist. This allows you to present your songs in their entirety for use in the rehearsal room or on stage.

The Song Writer is the perfect tool for any musician looking to write, arrange, and perform their own songs with ease.