Purchased products are not displayed

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Actually the products are detected immediately and the features are activated instantly.

If a bought product and its feature are not activated, please check the following:

Was your order successful? Is the amount debited?

Go to smartChord and check this: ‘Info’ -> ‘Your products’. It requests the latest information from Google and your purchased products are listed then.

Check the purchased products in the Google ‘Play Store’ -> ‘My Account’ -> ‘smartChord’ -> ‘Subscriptions’ or ‘Order History’

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Payment methods

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There are alternative payment methods listed on Googles support page. Also PayPal is possible:


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Why should I buy the UNLIMITED?

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As you can imagine a lot of work was done in creating and developing smartChord. And it will need much more effort to improve and expand it. Buying the s.mart PLUS UNLIMITED version is the best way to say thanks to the developers, to provide the basis for future development and to do something good to yourself. The PLUS UNLIMITED has got about 25 more instruments and it includes all future chargeable functions and s.mart apps for a lifetime.

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