Move to a new phone

Normally the producer of your new device provides a tool to move the data from the old device to the new device (e.g. ‘Smart switch’ from Samsung). Also Google can do the job with the backup and restore feature. nnAnd last but not least, smartChord has also different possibilities to synchronize data. If you want to do it with smartChord.nnThe best way is to copy a backup file n1. Go to smartChord on your old devicen2. Send the backup file from the backup screen with the sharenbutton to your new device. (You’ll get to the backup screen by the navigation menu in the left upper corner)n3. Copy a backup file to the folder \smartChord\backup on your new phonen4. Go to the the backup screen and restore the backupnnnOr you can use the synchronization:nn1. Use the ‘Synchronize smartChord’ feature to store your content in the cloudn2. Add the Google Play account to the new phone. It’s the account with which you have bought smartChord or a s.mart appn3. Install smartChord on all s.mart apps you have bought on the new phone.n4. Use the ‘Synchronize smartChord’ feature on your new phone to restore your content from the cloud