Are the tone names and symbols correct?

smartChord allows individualized tone names and symbols. You can define your personal preferences in the general settings. These settings affect all of the smartChord features.

The songbook e.g. converts the chords and shows them according to the general settings. So you’ll always get a C#, even if the original chord of the song is written as Db. But there is an option to force the songbook to show the original chords. But keep in mind, that with this option activated, the transposing is deactivated!

There is also an interesting setting for the chord diagram info in the instruments ‘Chords’ settings. It allows to switch between the tone symbols, you have chosen in the general settings or the tone names according to the music theory.

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Why are my bought products not shown?

Actually the products are detected immediately and the features are activated instantly.

If a bought product and its feature are not activated, please check the following:

Was your order successful? Is the amount debited?

Go to smartChord and check this: ‘Info’ -> ‘Your products’. It requests the latest information from Google and your purchased products are listed then.

Check the purchased products in the Google ‘Play Store’ -> ‘My Account’ -> ‘smartChord’ -> ‘Subscriptions’ or ‘Order History’

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Why does the app need permissions?

smartChord does NOT need access to photos or to any personal information on your phone!
– The ‘audio record’ permission is essential for the tuner
– The ‘vibrate’ permission is needed to signal, that time is up (timer) or pitch is met (tuner)
– The ‘wake lock’ permission is needed to prevent sleep mode while the metronome is playing
– The ‘external storage’ permission is essential to read and write settings, backups, music files, songs
– The ‘network access’ permission is needed for the internet search for songs (and maybe ads in the future)

There is a possibility to withdraw permissions with Android 6 or higher. Please check: ‘Info’ -> ‘Permissions’ -> ‘Permissions’

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Why does smartChord need permission for the external storage?

smartChord does make backups automatically on the external storage. This happens independent from the feature you are using and in regular periods. The permissions are also needed to make a great user experience, as they are essential to read and write settings, backups, music files, songs, …

Be insured that smartChord does access the files just to show it or make it audible in one of smartChords features. smartChord does NOT collect, store, send or distribute any personal or personal identifiable information or data about you.

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Why do I have to install smartChord as a second app?

smartChord is much more than an app. It is more a platform to integrate a multitude of musician apps. We use plugins as a sophisticated solution to realize those musician tools. This brings a lot of advantages for the user:
– Each app adds value for the others
– Much less memory consumption
– No need to update every separate app. Just smartChord as the platform needs to be updated!

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Is there a way to assign colors to notes?

There are colour schemes which will help you to distinguish the notes of different degrees in chords, arpeggios, scales and the circle of fifths at a glance. You can switch the colour scheme in the settings of the ‘Home’ screen.

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Is there a tutorial for smartChord or the music theory?

We thought a lot about making a tutorial. But we have no idea to make a good tutorial as there are so much themes and topics in music theory and so much good web sites.

The best advice would be to search the web for the topic you are interested in and use smartChord as a tool to support you.

There are a few tutorials about smartChord. It’s the best to search for smartChord on YouTube.

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