Tutorial for smartChord or music theory

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We thought a lot about the help in smartChord. The handling of the app is described in the help, tips and the FAQ. And there is our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/smartChord.

The big open issue is the musical theory. But this is such a wide field with so much themes and topics. We skipped it as there are already so much good web sites where the musical theory is excellently explained.

The best advice would be to search the web for the topic you are interested in and use smartChord as a tool to support you.

There are a few tutorials about smartChord. It’s the best to search for smartChord on YouTube.

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Make the home screen more clear

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Use the ‘Reorder’ menu on the ‘Home’ screen to reorder or remove the tools on the homescreen by drag’n’drop.

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How can I limit the access to app folder in the cloud?

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You can’t limit the access to the app folder in the cloud. This is because most users want to use another folder than the app folder as most of them have already a folder for their songs. This is the most flexible and convenient solution. Please use a network sniffer to check that we do NOT use or abuse your files.

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Feature is vanished

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You may hide features from the ‘Home’ screen using the menu popping up on a long-press. You can add all hidden features again by the ‘Add tools’ menu on the ‘Home’ screen.

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Can I backup and restore smartChords data?

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smartChord does make backups automatically on the backup folder /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/de.smartchord.droid/files/backup. The folder ‘0’ can differ on each device. You can also create backups manually anytime in the ‘Backup’ feature. There you can also restore any backup. You can reach the ‘Backup’ feature by the menu on the ‘Home’ screen. You can use the ‘Share’ functionality in the ‘Backup’ feature to send a backup to a save place or to another device where you can restore it.

You can restore the state of one device to another with the following steps:

1. Go to the smartChord home screen of your old device.

2. Go the ‘Backup’ feature (by navigation menu in the left upper corner).

3. Create a new backup.

4. Send the backup file from the ‘Backup’ screen with the share
button to your new device.
Alternatively you can use an explorer and send the backup from the backup directory to the new device:

5. Copy the backup file on the new device to the following directory:

6. Go to the ‘Backup’ feature on the new device

7. Select the backup from the old device

8. Tap on the ‘Restore’ button to restore the backup

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How to change a fretboard quiz?

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Once created, a fretboard quiz can’t be changed, just played. But you can create a new exercise using the ‘Folder menu -> New’ and configure the new quiz, including instrument, fret range, tuning and chords

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Can’t login into the cloud

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In most cases it is a problem with the browser. Please install and use Chrome for login. With Chrome, there are no known bugs.

Sometimes it helps to logout and login again.

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Chords correct?

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There is an option in the ‘Circle of fifths’ screen to simplify the chord names. If this ‘simplified mode’ is activated, the circle of fifths shows the musical symbols according to your settings in ‘General settings’-> ‘Symbols’ instead of the chords according to the music theory.
As the circle of fifths obeys the theory, it produces chords like ‘G##’. The ‘simplified mode’ shows them as ‘A’ instead.

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Chord is missing

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Please go to the ‘Choose chord’ screen and change the filter to ‘All’ (funnel button beneath the table header ‘Type’). This will reveal all chord types defined in smartChord.

If you still miss a chord, create your own ‘custom chord’ in the ‘Choose chord’ screen or send a link where the missing chord is described to info@smartChord.de. We’ll add it within one week.

smartChord knows a lot of chord types. Sometimes the overview gets lost. To attain an overview you may use the ‘filter’ functionality to reduce the chord types to the most common or your favorite ones.

By assessing your individual skill-level (basic, intermediate, expert) a corresponding set of settings will be made. E.g. showing all chords and fingerings (expert) or just simple and most common ones (basic).

Please be aware, switching the skill level has an impact on the chord settings, because with a change of the skill level you also change the depending settings, e.g. number and difficulty of displayed chords and fingerings.

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