Is there a dark theme for the stage?

Yes. smartChord is available in different dark and light colour combinations (themes). Dark themes are more suitable to play on stage and to save your battery power. Just pick your favorite one on the ‘Home’ screen (button in the upper right).
There is also a ‘Dark screen’ option in the songbook, which is independent from the chosen theme.

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How can I share / synchronize songs?

There are at least four ways to exchange songs between devices:

1. You can synchronize the content of smartChord between your devices. There is a menu item ‘Synchronize’ on the home screen. This is the most comfortable way.

2. You can synchronize your songs with your cloud (Google or DropBox). It allows to synchronize the songs between multiple Android devices. You can also take advantage of the possibility to edit the songs (these are just plain text files) conveniently on your desktop or notebook.

3. You can export your songs to single files. You can optionally edit these files and import them again on the same or another device.

4. You can share single songs or even multiple songs at once. This is possible in the songbook ‘Storage’. There is a ‘Share’ button.

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How can I move to a new phone?

Moving to a new phone is quite easy and done with a few steps.

1. Use the ‘Synchronize smartChord’ feature to store your content in the cloud
2. Add the Google Play account to the new phone. It’s the account with which you have bought smartChord or a s.mart app
3. Install smartChord on all s.mart apps you have bought on the new phone.
4. Use the ‘Synchronize smartChord’ feature on your new phone to restore your content from the cloud

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How can I limit the access to app folder in the cloud?

You can’t limit the access to the app folder in the cloud. This is because most users want to use another folder than the app folder as most of them have already a folder for their songs. This is the most flexible and convenient solution. Please use a network sniffer to check that we do NOT use or abuse your files.

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Can I mirror smartChord to the TV?

Yes you can. Casting your Android screen lets you mirror your Android device to the TV so you can enjoy your content exactly as you see it on your mobile device – only bigger.

Please see:

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Can I backup and restore smartChords data?

smartChord does make backups automatically on the external storage.

In the ‘Backup’ feature, you can create a backup anytime. There you can also restore any backup. The backups are stored in the smartChord/backup folder of your device storage. You can reach the ‘Backup’ feature by the menu on the ‘Home’ screen.

From there you can copy a backup file to the smartChord/backup folder of another device and restore in the ‘Backup’ feature.

You can use the ‘Share’ functionality in the ‘Backup’ feature to send a backup to a save place or to another device where you can restore it.

smartChord also detects backups after an new installation and asks if it should be restored.

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