Why do I have to install smartChord as a second app?

We want to make smartChord the best and most popular music app worldwide. To achieve this great goal, we have to go new ways. We follow the concept of a huge toolbox where the tools are very well integrated into each other. We made smartChord the central app with all the functionality and all the data.nnAs not every user needs every functionality, we made smaller packages for various purposes. The packages are represented by our plugins – the s.mart apps like the s.mart Mandolin. The s.mart apps just unlock functionality – but they need smartChord.nnYour benefits:n? smartChord as the central app, contains every functionality and datan? The UNLIMITED provides includes also future features and apps automatically. You’ll never get asked to buy a new app or feature.n? smartChord and thus every s.mart app is improved at least two times a monthn? The tools complement each other or build on each othern? Uniform concept and user interfacen? Share the data between the toolsn? No need to update multiple appsn? Very small memory footprint on your devicen? Early access to new featuresn? Quick bug-fixesn