smartChord V7.2

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⭐ Custom instruments
▫ Create additional instruments with their own instrument and chord settings
▫ Gives you the possibility to change very comfortably all the instrument settings (more than 20) at once
▫ They are seamlessly integrated and available in all features

⭐ s.mart Online Songbook Importer
▫ It allows you to import new songs comfortable via the browser of your computer
▫ Import a bunch of songs at once using the ChordPro directive {new_song}
▫ Find it here:
▶ Our video leads you through the import process:

✅ Instrument lists are sorted by language specific names

✅ Option to hide notes on the piano

✅ Fix Songbook: Share PDF generated a blank page

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Dmitry Prokopenko, Frank Huster, Henk Oostrom, Kasey Starnes, Matthew Faris, Mike Mountain, Mike Walker, Robert Shamburger, Thomas Bourgon and Wojciech Skórecki for their contribution to this version.