smartChord V8.12

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⭐ Songbook: Replace a chord or fingering by direct input on the fretboard

⭐ Improved handling of fingering favorites
▫ Fingering favorites are always visible independent from the chord settings
▫ Fingering favorites for major, minor and seventh chords are automatically created for every instrument and tuning

⭐ 5-string Banjo with improved chord algorithm

✅ Set list: Possibility to add PDF or image files from GoogleDrive

✅ Scale favorites are now part of the synchronization

? Save and restore favorite instruments
? Fretboard explorer used with settings ‘Solfège’ and ‘Theory notes’

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Armin Schmitt, Carsten Bleisch, Jörg Dengler, Luiz Marcos Wal, Ricardo Zalba, Rudolf Stetulic and Teddy McGibbie for their contribution to this version