smartChord V9.4

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⭐ Songbook:
▫ Predefined color variants for the blocks (‘Verse’, ‘Chorus’,…)
▫ Preview screen for the color variants
▫ 21 predefined color variants for the dark mode
▫ 20 predefined color variants for the light mode
▫ 2 predefined color variants for the printout
▶ Our video shows how to make your songs more beautiful and clearer:

✔ Scale Name and Key Identifier:
▫ Option to show also the scales/keys which are not complete

✔ Song analyzer:
▫ Ability to enter a song text or edit it in the text editor
▫ Option to paste the song text from the clipboard
▫ New plugin app released:

✔ Chord: Now you can also enter “add” and “dim” chords in the text field

? Create or edit an existing note in the notepad with a link to your item from each ‘Folder’ menu. Use it for instance to document your ideas about certain items.
▫ Chord progression
▫ Fretboard Trainer
▫ Metronome
▫ Pattern
▫ Playground
▫ Practice
▫ Set list
▫ Songbook
▫ Tone generator
? Chord progression: Adding a special fingering was not possible under certain conditions
? Songbook: Marking text did not work on some Android versions

✔ A lot of other improvements and fixes

▶ You can reach us on YouTube via the new YouTube alias @smartChord:

❀ Special thanks to Charles Boehnlein, John Glass, Jod R. Leio, Lena Schütten, Roan Vandermeer and Tiemo Norman for their contribution to this version