smartChord V10.7

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◾ Editor colors blocks and instructions to make the song text clearer
◾ Editor appearance according to background, block and text colour settings
◾ Scroll bars are shown when scrolling so that the position of the visible text in the song is clear
◾ ChordPro annotations [] (e.g. [Coda]; see

Piano: Option to show scales and chords on the keys

✔ We have dedicated a separate chapter to the CAGED system:

? Songbook: Corrections for auto scroll

? Octavation corrected in some tunings

? Settings: Long setting titles were not fully visible

? Fretboard trainer: The names of the white piano keys were unrecognizable on large screens

✔ Other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Alberto Torres Gutiérrez, Aleksey Parasotskiy, Andrés López, Chris Drexler, Dr. Willi Streitz, Henk Oostrom, Mario Ravlić, Mark D Baker, Michael Fischer, Nick Gassman, Sergio Jover and Simone Sapienza for their contribution to this version