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Circle of Fifths

This page is under construction and describes our app s.mart Circle of Fifths.

s.mart Circle of Fifths sets standards! It shows every chord, either triads, 7th or 9th. It works for about 40 instruments and any tuning! You can choose between 300 scales beneath the modes of the major scale like Dorian, Lydian or Mixolydian. Go for the best!

⭐ Innovative ‘Scale-circle‘ opens up new sounds for you

⭐ More than 300 scales besides the modes like Aeolian, Locrian or Phrygian

⭐ Shows triads, 7th or 9th chords

⭐ Chord charts with your favorite fingerings not just for Guitar

⭐ Shows the chords on the piano

⭐ Shows the scales spread on the fretboard

⭐ Works for about 40 instruments and every tuning

⭐ Right- or left-handed fretboards

⭐ Shows sheet music for the chords

⭐ Bass and treble clef

⭐ Hear the chords

⭐ Easily drag the circle to change the key

⭐ Option to simplify names

⭐ Supports about 40 instruments. Not just the common ones like Guitar, Bass, Banjo or Ukulele. The Fretboard Trainer knows also stringed instruments like Cavaquinho, Charango, Cigar-Box-Guitar, Mandola or Mandolin

⭐ 500 tunings are predefined for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele a.s.o.

⭐ Custom tunings for every other possible tuning

⭐ Get the scales on the fretboard of your instrument. Not only on the common ones like Guitar, Bass, Banjo or Ukulele

⭐ 14 bright and dark themes

⭐ 30 different color schemes

⭐ The Circle of Fifths builds upon smartChord – the ultimate reference for chords and scales

⭐ Like the other s.mart tools, the Circle of Fifths supports all other relevant smartChord features (e.g. left-handed fretboard or Solfège, NNS)

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