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s.mart Key Identifier

This page describes our app s.mart Song Key Identifier.

The Key Identifier determines the musical key for a song, a chord progression or an arbitrary set of chords or notes. You can get any song from the greatest internet song catalogs with the s.mart Songbook and the Song Key Identifier determines its key. It will help you to get familiar with music keys and learn to identify music keys.

⭐ The set of chords can be:
◾ picked from a song
◾ picked from a chord progression
◾ entered as text
◾ picked from the huge chord dictionary with more than 1000 types of chords

⭐ The notes can be entered either on the fretboard or on the piano

⭐ If the key cannot be determined unambiguously, it shows you:
◾ which keys are possible
◾ which notes are missing
◾ which notes do not belong to the key

⭐ More than 1000 types of chords

⭐ It shows major and minor keys

The Key Identifier is also known as Key Finder or Key Detector

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