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  • smartChord is registered in Android as a viewer and editor for (song) files with the typical extensions like .txt, .tab, .crd, .chopro. Use a file explorer on your phone to open them with smartChord.
  • When you open a song, the encoding from the settings is used. If the encoding is wrong, there are wrong characters in the text. You can change the encoding in the menu after you have opened a song.
  • smartChord detects the chords in the song automatically. If you have defined a fingering, it is used, otherwise smartChord calculates the fingerings according to your chord settings. You can replace each fingering. When you save a song, the fingerings are saved too.
  • If smartChord detects a ‘H’ chord, it assumes the German musical nomenclature and adds a link at the top of the song. Tap on the link to convert the German musical nomenclature to the international: The conversion changes the chord name: ‘B’ chords are converted to ‘Bb’ chords and ‘H’ chords are converted to ‘B’ chords.
  • You can transpose your songs to another key. You can even change to every tuning and instrument. Please be aware, that when you share a transposed song, it is shared without transposition.

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