You’ll get individual help for each screen by the ‘…’ menu in the upper right corner. This menu item brings you to the ‘Help’ screen.
The ‘Help’ screen …

  • explains the functionality of the associated feature
  • gives tips for the associated feature
  • provides the FAQ section which clarifies frequently asked questions
  • has a full-text search over all help pages

As the central part of smartChord, we would recommend you the manual describing the handling of chords and fingerings.

We also recommend the documentation for the s.mart Songbook, as the songbook really mighty and worth a glance for every musician.

You can get tooltips for most of the buttons by a long press on the button.

Please see also the ‘Info’ screen, which provides comprehensive and helpful information too.

And last, but not least. There is also our YouTube channel which explains more comprehensive features:

If there are still questions, please write an email to