smartChord V7.10

⭐ Changes in appearance of chords, scales, arpeggios and the circle of fifths
▫ New option to apply the color scheme either to intervals or notes. With the new option, you can get always the same color for the same note
▫ New option to show semitones on the fretboard smaller. This helps your orientation on the fretboard a lot
▫ Consistent coloring according the chord and scale formula

⭐ Three new arpeggio pattern modes:
▫ 2 notes per string pattern
▫ 3 notes per string pattern
▫ 4 notes per string pattern

❗ Now there is just one general setting for what kind of information is shown on the fretboard. It’s the same for chords, scales and arpeggios

❗ New setting groups ‘Name settings’ and ‘Appearance’. Some settings have been moved to the new groups

✅ Scale and Arpeggio with improved usability and optimized pattern overview

✅ Synchronize categories

✅ Piano: Option to show color scheme together with the note name

❗ Scale: Fixed patterns with fret range bigger than 12

❗ Scale: Fixed update screen after scale change

❗ Arpeggio: Fix for more complex chords like 13sus4

✅ Fix: Keep categories when synchronizing songs or set lists

✅ Many other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Christoph Lanz, Henk Oostrom, Leo Müller, Liam Gotch and Santi Chacon for their contribution to this version

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smartChord V7.9

⭐⭐⭐ Categories to classify and filter your items like songs or drum patterns
▫ Create and maintain your own categories
▫ Assign the categories to your items
▫ Filter your items by one or more categories
▫ Each item type may have different categories
▫ A category can be used in multiple item types
▫ Category ‘Genre’ is predefined but changeable
▶ Our video shows how to use categories:

⭐ New set list export:
▫ Option to export as text or HTML
▫ Option to include the whole songs or just the lyrics
▫ Option to include ‘table of content’
▫ Option to include notes
▫ Export as text can be used e.g. to share it with your audience or to copy it into the clipboard
▫ Export as HTML can be used to open it in a browser to print it or create a PDF file

✅ New set list import

✅ Notepad
▫ Accepts shared texts and adds it as a note
▫ Copy a note to the clipboard

✅ Fix Songbook: Crashed on some old devices

✅ Fix Share: Allows to overwrite existing items

✅ A lot of other minor changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Barth Harrington, Chris Elstrodt, Emory Keller, John de Jong and Martin Porubsky for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.8

✅ Individual ‘Auto save’ option for the different items like songs or notes

✅ Drum machine: Improved handling

✅ Set list: Improved search handling

✅ New chord types

✅ Fix: Edit song online

✅ Fix: Renaming of items

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Claudio Dossetti, Emory Keller, Henk Oostrom, Manfred Thyssen, Marc van Westerlaak, Marius Bleeke, Martin P. Daniels and Steve Marshall for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.7.1

❗ Fix Drum Machine: Replacing instruments didn’t work anymore
❀ Special thanks to Thomasa Velin and Zdenek Musil for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.7

⭐ Songbook now with an integrated Drum Machine
▫ Integrated drum machine to play the drum patterns for the musical accompaniment
▫ Minimized drum pattern view
▫ Individual drum pattern and BPM for each song
▫ New button to switch between the four possible players:
◾ Audio player
◾ Drum machine player
◾ Metronome
◾ YouTube player
▫ You can use the players also if they are hidden
▫ Option to select the player automatically
▫ Extended menu to add, change or remove a drum pattern
❗ The Metronome is now one of the players and can be controlled as the other ones

⭐ Drum machine
▫ Run the Drum Machine in the background to have it in other smartChord features or apps

✅ A lot of other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Dean Eisen, Rick Johnson, Tim Schäfer and Winfried Schneider for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.6

⭐⭐⭐ Drum machine ⭐⭐⭐
▫ Use up to 16 percussion instruments in parallel to create your drum patterns
▫ Use them for the musical accompaniment for your songs
▫ Use the Drum machine as rhythm trainer
▫ Choose between more than 40 percussion instruments
▫ Share your drum patterns with your friends, other musicians or students
▫ Sync your drum patterns between your devices
▫ Use the speed trainer to increase your speed
▫ Use the timer to control your practice time

✅ Piano:
▫ Optimized multi touch handling
▫ Option to move the visible range by octaves or single keys
▫ Option to show just active note names
▫ Option to highlight ‘C4’
▫ One additional key in each key range to play the complete octave even on the smallest range

✅ Notepad editor:
▫ Menu item added to insert a link to a saved drum pattern
▫ Button to pause the spoken note

✅ Fixed: Some links where not clickable anymore e.g. in the Notepad

✅ Lot of other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andre Messerschmidt, Bernhard Kumpf, Leonardo Frassetto, Sandeep Kowdley, Steven Vargas, Tobias Schulte and Victor Osaka for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.5

⭐ Pretty nice piano to jam around. Just for fun 🙂
▫ Switch between more than 120 instrument sounds
▫ Adjust number of visible keys
▫ Slider view to move quickly between the octaves

✅ Synchronization: Option to allow deletion of song and set list files in the cloud, if the songs or set lists are deleted in smartChord

✅ New color scheme

✅ Fix tuner 5-string Banjo: Note name of the 5th peg was wrong

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Ewa Wisniewski, Henk Oostrom, Ismael Venegas Castelló and Mick Burke for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.4

⭐ Songbook improvements:
▫ Allows song info section also in full screen mode
▫ ‘Back to start’ starts with a delay if defined
▫ Smoother zooming
▫ Extra lines removed after TABs
▫ Direct link to the current ‘Set list’ via navigation menu
▫ Support for large online song imports via ‘s.mart Online Songbook Importer’ (

⭐ Picking patterns
▫ Find picking patterns easier: filter the huge list (429) by entering a pattern finger sequence
▫ Favor picking patterns also in the picking pattern dialog

✅ Set list: Direct link to the current song of the ‘Songbook’ via navigation menu

✅ Scales: Option to choose scales with or without tonic

✅ Tuner: Tune your instrument with the capo set

✅ Tuning is shown everywhere with capo position if capo is set

✅ Possibility to translate tips and hints

✅ Chord progression, Fretboard quiz, Practice: Screen keeps on bright (no dimming anymore)

✅ New picking patterns:
▫ PP 4/4 405 v2
▫ PP 4/4 405 v2 r
▫ PP 4/4 405 v2 r ab
▫ PP 4/4 424 v5
▫ PP 4/4 467 v2
▫ PP 4/4 492
▫ PP 4/4 493
▫ PP 4/4 494
▫ PP 4/4 495
▫ PP 4/4 496
▫ PP 4/4 497
▫ PP 4/4 498
▫ PP 6/8 636
▫ PP 6/8 637

✅ Fixes Songbook:
▫ Conversion of German musical nomenclature for lines in ChordPro inline chord notation
▫ Remove whitespaces from song name on online import
▫ Show in ‘Playground’

✅ Other changes and fixes

⭐ Preparation for Android 11 privacy improvements

❀ Special thanks to Henk Oostrom, Ian Hiscoe, Karlheinz Mackel, Martin Porubsky and Richard G. Riley for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.3

⭐ New setting to define favorite chord types for all instruments at once

⭐ Enhancements for fingering favorites
▫ New option to treat a fingering as favorite, if the fingering pattern is equal to the fingering pattern of one of your fingering favorites
▫ New option to treat a fingering as favorite, if the fingering pattern is equal to the fingering patterns of the CAGED system
▫ Fingering favorites are preferred over other fingerings and listed first

⭐ New screen to get comprehensive help
▫ It searches within help pages, settings, tips and frequently asked questions
▫ Complex search terms can be logically linked with ‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘(‘ and ‘)’
▫ The search also supports the wildcards ‘?’ for any character and ‘*’ for 0 or more characters
▫ You’ll find a link to this screen on each help screen

✅ Possibility to translate help texts

✅ Songbook
▫ Workaround to prevent duplicate song texts from Ultimate Guitar
▫ Handling custom chords with slash in name

✅ Chord progression
▫ Option to keep the screen on
▫ Link to ‘Chord name’ in the navigation menu as shortcut to add chords from there

✅ Chord name
▫ Support for beginners with inverse and slash chords

✅ New chord types

✅ Fix ‘Choose chord’: Sorting custom chord types

✅ Fix ‘Table of content’: Search didn’t notice last changes in content

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Ana Abigail Soriano, David Lind, David Murgatroyd, Federico Galeotti, Luiz Marcos Wal, Martin Braun, Martin Porubsky, Mike Walker, Peter Mott, Ric Shore, Roland Schippmann, Shaun Powell, Soham Dey and Thor Crowley for their contribution to this version.

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smartChord V7.2

⭐ Custom instruments
▫ Create additional instruments with their own instrument and chord settings
▫ Gives you the possibility to change very comfortably all the instrument settings (more than 20) at once
▫ They are seamlessly integrated and available in all features

⭐ s.mart Online Songbook Importer
▫ It allows you to import new songs comfortable via the browser of your computer
▫ Import a bunch of songs at once using the ChordPro directive {new_song}
▫ Find it here:
▶ Our video leads you through the import process:

✅ Instrument lists are sorted by language specific names

✅ Option to hide notes on the piano

✅ Fix Songbook: Share PDF generated a blank page

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Dmitry Prokopenko, Frank Huster, Henk Oostrom, Kasey Starnes, Matthew Faris, Mike Mountain, Mike Walker, Robert Shamburger, Thomas Bourgon and Wojciech Skórecki for their contribution to this version.

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