smartChord V6.0

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⭐ New tabulator view to show the notes of scales, exercises, arpeggios, …

⭐ Quick switch between your stored items like songs, set lists, exercise, …

◾ There is a ‘History’ button on top beneath the ‘Folder’ menu
◾ It opens a list with your items, sorted by the time you have used it the last time. It’s just a click to open the item.

⭐ Easy way to configure the content of the home screen

◾ It allows all tools to be part of it. Also Backup, Synchronizing, …
◾ Use clicks or long clicks to add or remove tools from and to the home screen
◾ Button to “Fade in/out” is replaced by the menu item ‘Add tools’

✅ Note names on the scale fretboard screen

❗❗ Fix: Saving a song in the set list overwrites song in the songbook

✅ Lot of minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andreas Anwar, Barth Harrington, Henning Steiner, Max Howard-Evans, Rick Tucker and Wayne Evans for their contribution to this version.