smartChord V7.14

✅ Notepad:
▫ Option to improve audio recording quality
▫ Expandable and collapsible notes
▫ Support for copy & paste
▫ Audio player is now part of the toolbar
▫ Starts editing at the end of the note

✅ Create notes in the notepad with a link to your item from each ‘Folder’ menu. Use it for instance to document your ideas about certain items.
▫ Chord progression
▫ Fretboard Trainer
▫ Metronome
▫ Pattern
▫ Playground
▫ Practice
▫ Set list
▫ Songbook
▫ Tone generator

✅ Songbook:
▫ New directives to embed links to your item like chord progressions, notes, exercises, …
▫ Editor got menu items to create these links
▫ New color options to define the text and background colors for the {highlight:} directive
▫ Fix: Replace chord didn’t update the song text
▫ Fix: Switching player to ‘automatic’ shows the right player again

✅ Custom tunings with just two strings are allowed (could make sense with activated setting ‘Rootless chord voicings’)

✅ Favorite fingerings are always preferred during sorting

✅ Chord name fix: Range switched accidentally

✅ Other changes and fixes

▶ There is a new video that explains the fretboard trainer

❀ Special thanks to Dominik Janiec, Eric Snoddy, Glenn Homes, Josef Metzger, Martin Hägerås and Paul Aussem for their contribution to this version

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    1. Mart

      You can get the latest version in the Google Play Store:

      Unfortunately there is no smartChord version for PC. But you can run Android and thus smartChord on a PC. Please have a look at this page:

      If you have found a solution for you, please let me know.

      There is also the rumor, that Microsoft is toying with bringing Android apps to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 in 2021. Please have a look at this page:
      That would be a fantastic solution!

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