smartChord V6.14.1

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✅ Songbook
◾ Scroll delay time is shown as a count down
◾ ‘Back to start’ includes the scroll delay
◾ Song name is not shown in first line if info view is visible
◾ Name is marked with ‘*’ if song has been changed until it is saved
◾ Fix: Info view can be hidden again

✅ Set list: Name is marked with ‘*’ if set list is changed until it is saved

✅ Cello, Viola and Violin now with 5 string support

✅ Fix in pattern: The time values of notes are taken into account

✅ Minor changes/fixes

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❀ Special thanks to Benno Schoppel, Jürgen Wernicke, Paul Schoonderwoerd, Piotr Popczyk and Slawomir Herman for their contribution to this version.