smartChord V10.11

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◾ Optimized print and share
◾ Possibility to print and share a song with one of the Songbook color schemes: Light, Dark, Printout
◾ Workaround to handle corrupt song pages on Ultimate-Guitar
◾ Workaround to handle duplicate song texts on Ultimate-Guitar

Set List:
◾ Add Notes as set list entries. Use a note entry to make a joke or address the audience, or indicate a change of instrument, tuning adjustments, equipment requirements, or other specific details
◾ Optimized set list export and print
◾ Export ‘Internal’ does include now the images and PDF files beneath the songs
◾ Menu item to print a set list
◾ Possibility to export and print a set list with the Songbook color schemes: Light, Dark, Printout

Editor: Text capacity increased

✔ New documentation:

Set List
Song Analyzer
Fretboard Explorer
Key Identifier
Lyrics Pad

🐞 Notepad: Link to songs opened Chords screen instead of Songbook. Link to Chords screen uses now protocol ‘scrd’: Chord: F5

✔ A lot of other improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Burkhard Brodda, Jon Hoekstra, Jürgen Schulz-Ohlberg, Keith Layton, Konstantin Paus and Roy Sanchez for their contribution to this version