smartChord V6.14.2

✅ New ‘Folder’ menu item to rename your store items like songs, set lists, exercises

✅ Fixes:
◾ Set list shows info view again
◾ Songbook text editor adding picking patterns
◾ Songbook printing on some older devices
◾ Sharing (songs, exercises, …) with not allowed characters in name

✅ Minor changes/fixes

❀ Special thanks to Buule Chris, Dean Eisen, Gregory N and Bob Hilverth for their contribution to this version.

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  1. Barth Harrington

    I can’t find the New Folder icon. Does this mean one can store songs now in different folders? If so this is great!
    Barth Harrington

    1. Mart

      There is no ‘New Folder’ menu item, but a new ‘Folder’ menu item ‘Rename’ to rename your store items 😉

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