smartChord V7.1

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⭐ Custom chords
▫ New screen to create your own chords
▫ They are seamlessly integrated and available in all features (e.g. in a song)
▫ You can also use it to rename existing chords to your naming convention
▫ New and easy way to request a new chord type for smartChord
▫ ‘Custom chords’ is a new chord type filter beneath ‘All’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Favorite’
▫ Custom chords are part of the synchronization between your devices

✅ Metronome
▫ Background mode supports timer
▫ Background mode supports count in
▫ Echo removed in background and dimming mode
▫ Workaround for Android bug (played sound on every Android notification)

✅ Songbook and Set-List are using complete screen in full screen mode

✅ Fretboard trainer does not play the note/chord anymore, if input module is microphone

✅ Fix Songbook: hide ‘Info’ section on switch to full screen mode

✅ Fix Songbook: Add song to set list

✅ Fix: ‘Scale Fretboard’ shown on whole screen if TAB view is hidden

✅ Fix: Timer plays sound when time’s up

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Artiom Donoga, Charles Kangethe, Dean Eisen, Eugene Mih, Franz Armbrust, Johann Kraus, Majid Hindi, Martin Porubsky, Michael Hill, Neville Cope, Patrick Murphy, Paul Abbott and Shaker Huda for their contribution to this version.