smartChord V7.13

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⭐⭐⭐ Rootless chord voicings ⭐⭐⭐

▫ Consider the new option to allow rootless chord voicings if…

  • you play instruments with fewer strings like a Cigar Box Guitar or a Ukulele
  • you’re playing in a band and the bass player will play the root note
  • you like this ‘jazzy’ sound

Rootless chord voicings…

  • ❗❗ are active by default for instruments with three or four strings
  • are shown in the features ‘Chord’ and ‘Choose chord’ if the option is activated
  • can be allowed by option in ‘Chord name’
  • can be added to the fingering favorites
  • are valid in the ‘Fretboard trainer’ if the option is activated
  • are used in the ‘Songbook’ if the option is activated

⭐ Chord name
▫ Option to allow rootless chords
▫ Possibility to add rootless chord voicings to fingering favorites
▫ Replaced context menu with buttons in the toolbar
❗ New sort order of the chord name list

⭐ There is a new manual describing the handling of chords in smartChord

⭐ Drum machine:
▫ 311 drum patterns: You shared your drum patterns with us. We have collected them and made them available for download

✅ Songbook: New section in documentation ‘how to get the best fingerings

✅ Other changes and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Rolf Puchtinger, Ron Beaver and Sébastien Streit for their contribution to this version