smartChord V9.1

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⭐ A new set of chord notations mainly used in South America
▫ (#11), (#13), (#5), (#9), (b11), (b13), (b5), (b7), (b9)
▫ 11(b5), 11(b9), 4(7), 6(11), 6(9), 6(add9)
▫ 7(#5), 7(#9), 7(6), 7(9), 7(b13), 7(b5), 7(b9), 7+(9), 7/#9, 7/b9, 7M, 7sus(13), 7sus(9), 7sus(b9)
▫ 9(#5), 9(b5)
▫ augmented, b9(#5), dimb9, diminished
▫ j#9, j7, j7b5, j7sus, j7sus2, j7sus24, j7sus4, j9, jb9
▫ m#7#9, m#7b9, m(maj11), m(maj13), m(maj7), m(maj9), m6(9), m7(#9), m7(9), m7(b5), m7(b9), m7/b9/b5, m7M, mM7
▫ maj6, major, min, min11, min7, minor, sus24, sus42
▫ M, M(9), M11, M13, M6, M7, M7#5, M7#9, M7b5, M7b9, M7sus, M7sus2, M7sus24, M7sus4, M9, Mb9
▫ °#7, °11, °13, °9, Ø7
▫ They improve, among other things, the chord recognition in the songbook

✔ Improved synchronization:
▫ Synchronization can now be done in one step
▫ Comparison is done automatically
▫ The upload can be defined by an option
▫ The comparison result is shown as an overview view
▫ The detailed list with the items to be synchronized can be shown optionally
▫ The cloud provider can be selected in the general settings and in the settings of the synchronization
▫ The login and logout are also possible in these settings

✔ Songbook:
▫ Open ‘Song analyzer’ for the current song
▫ Menu restructured

▶ Our video shows the use of the Song Analyzer

✔ Table of contents: Timestamps are now hidden by default, but can be displayed using the new option

? Song synchronization: We accidentally changed the extension of the song file in the last update. It is now ‘sccrd’ again

? Chords: Link ‘Change filter’ was broken

✔ Minor improvements and fixes

❀ Special thanks to Andrew Mitterholzer, Bruce Reirden, Luiz Fernando Laux and Henk Oostrom for their contribution to this version