smartChord V8.16

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❗❗ ‘Choose chord’ screen starts always in mode ‘Chord type’, except it is started from the ‘Scales’ screen
⭐ Practice: Add new exercises to existing exercises
▫ Add arpeggio patterns to existing exercises
▫ Add scale patterns to existing exercises
▫ Add picking patterns to existing exercises
▫ Combine any exercise with existing exercises

✅ Chord simplification improved

✅ Songbook: Detects all chords from the chord dictionary

✅ Songbook YouTube search: Additional button to extend search text by ‘acoustic’, ‘cover’, ‘lesson’, …

✅ ‘Show arpeggio’ added to menus in chord screens and on long-press on a chord diagram

✅ Get the latest from smartChord also on our new channel on

✔ Many other improvements and fixes

▶ Our new video gives a quick overview of the Songbook:

❀ Special thanks to Emilio Polog, Glenn Homes, Henk Oostrom, Markus Schwarz and Rolf Puchtinger for their contribution to this version