smartChord V8.21.1

βœ” Technical release with minor improvements and fixes like:
βœ” Scale: Predefined filter for the ‘church modes’ and the most common scales
βœ” Scale Name and Key Identifier: Fretboard range can be changed in the mode ‘Notes’ and on large screens
βœ” Optimized chord diagram size
🐞 Fretboard trainer: Missing signs in staff
🐞 Chord name: Shortened 5th string can be muted again

❀ Special thanks to Emilio Polog, Hans-Peter Wegner, Leonid Shokarev, Manolo Ramirez Padilla, Robert Price, Scott Noroozi, Tobi Gelz, Uwe Fischbach and Uwe Tantz for their contribution to this version

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