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The Chord Pad is a multi-purpose tool to …

  • play and experiment with chords
  • arrange chord progressions
  • accompany a song
  • jam around and have fun 🙂

The Chord Pad is aimed at musicians of all levels. It supports you as a songwriter or composer when composing. It can also be used by anyone to accompany a song without knowing chords or playing an instrument.

The Chord Pad lets you easily experiment with chord progressions and different chord combinations. Listen to how the chords sound and simply rearrange them using drag’n’drop. Explore new chord ideas and develop musical arrangements. Put the sounds in order and develop your own chord progressions.

The Chord Pad supports multi-touch, so you can play several chords at the same time. The volume and one of the more than 100 instruments can be set separately for each chord. The colors can be set using predefined or custom color schemes.

The Chord Pad is part of smartChord and provides you with every conceivable chord! You can use it to take over individual chords or all the chords of a song or an existing chord progression. The Chord Pad is seamlessly integrated so that you can open it from the songbook or the circle of fifths with the respective chords to play or experiment with.

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